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2011-04-08 10:44:41 by MadeNotBorn

I figured I'd make a list of Former Members that have been in Made Not Born since the doe deserve mentioning

Matt Huff- Vocals (now plays guitar in SheScreamsSilence)

Hamilton Jordan Sanner- Drums (now lives in Texas)

Bo Green- Bass, Vocals, Drums (plays Guitar and Vocals in the Brohemians)

Nick Reinsel- Rhythm Guitar (Still lives in Oil City)

Adam Rhoades- Drums (works at Mcdonalds)

Casey McNaughton- Rhythm Guitar (works at Walmart)

Nathan Billings (AKA MC Pirate Dog)- Vocals (Joined the Army)

John Stahlman (Runner of This Page) - Bass (currently in college, trying out as a vocalist for another band, and I do occasional reunion shows with MNB)

Alexis Anne Hadden- Bass (works at K-mart)